The 150-Foot Solar Tower at Mt. Wilson Observatory
. . . observing the Sun every clear day since 1912.

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Observatory weather: cirrus; winds calm; 41° F.

Most current magnetograph data: 8-Nov-2011
Magnetogram Dopplergram Intensitygram*
Click for larger image of Fe magnetogram Click for larger image of Fe dopplergram Click for larger image of Fe intensitygram 5250.2Å
Fe I
Click for larger image of Na magnetogram Click for larger image of Na dopplergram Click for larger image of Na intensitygram 5895.9Å
Na I (D1)
Mt. Wilson 150-Foot Tower Data Images
*5250 intensity: 5250/5237 ratiogram
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The 150-foot solar tower is operated by the
Division of Astronomy and Astrophysics at UCLA
with support from
The Mount Wilson Institute

Most current visual sunspot observation: 26-Oct-2022
Click for larger image of sunspot drawing
E---Mt. Wilson Sunspot Drawing---W

MPSI data from the most recently reduced observation(s):
For 5 observations taken on 11-08-11:
Average MPSI = 2.6285; Average MWSI = 0.9755
Solar Activity Plots, MPSI - MWSI
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Supersynoptic chart showing solar magnetic fields 1986-2007
Magnetic field plot.
(Click on image for an explanation and more plots.)

150-Foot Solar Tower Towercam
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NOAA Southern California visible satellite image:
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[Click for most current visible satellite image from NOAA]

Available Archived Data:

[*] Magnetograph Image Archive - FTP
[*] Magnetograph FITS Archive - FTP
[*] Dopplergraph FITS Archive - FTP
[*] Solar Synoptic Maps - FTP
[*] Daily Sunspot Drawing Archive - FTP
[*] Solar Photographic Archive Digitization Project
[*] Photoheliogram (Directs) Logbook Archive, 1908-2000
[*] Spectroheliograph Logbook Archive, 1915-1985
[*] Solar Magnetic Movies
[*] Sunspot Plots
[*] Monthly Sunspot Reports
[*] Updated Archive Data with Plots
[*] Recent publications by the Solar Group
[*] Data Release Statement

150-Foot Solar Tower Information:

[*] Telescope Information
[*] Magnetograph Information
[*] A Short History of the 150-Foot Solar Tower
[*] 150-Foot Solar Tower Photo Scrapbook
[*] Staff and Personnel
[*] Maps to Mt. Wilson Observatory

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