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The Early Observers,
1128 to 1800 AD.

Christopher Scheiner and assistant

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Bro. John of Worcester - 1128

Monastery at Worcester, England.
December 8, 1128.
1 drawing.
No telescope - unaided eye method.
John's drawing.

Thomas Harriot - 1610

Observations from December 8, 1610, and December 1, 1611 to January 18, 1613.
200 drawings.
Observation method: attenuated eyepiece observations by atmospheric haze or colored glass.
Drawing example.

Cavalier Domenico Cresti di Passignano - 1611

Rome, Italy.
Observations in August and September 1611.
Number of drawings: unknown.
Attenuated eyepiece observation method.

Lodovico Cardi da Cigoli - 1611

Rome, Italy.
Observations on September 16, 1611, and February 18, to March 23, 1612.
27 drawings.
Attenuated eyepiece observation method.

Christopher Scheiner - 1611

Germany - Italy.
Observations from October 21, 1611 to June 1627.
70+ published drawings, perhaps 900 observations. (Several observation days were often included within one drawing.)
Refractors of different dimensions.
Observation methods: Pinhole projection, small mirror projection, attenuated eyepiece, eyepiece projection, and
construction of special telescope with both lenses made of colored glass.
Location of original drawings unknown.
Drawing examples: 1, 2, 3.

Galileo Galilei - 1612

Observations (non-contiguous) from May 3 to August 21, 1612.
47 drawings known.
16mm, f/11 Galilean refractor.
Observation method: attenuated eyepiece and eyepiece projection.
Original drawings in the Vatican archives and the archives of the Accademis dei Lincei
Drawing examples: 1, 2.

Petrus Saxonius - 1616

Observations from February 24 to March 17, 1616.
12 drawings.
Drawing example.

Johannes Hevelius - 1642

Observations from 1642 to 1679.
Original sunspot drawings lost to a fire in 1679.
Drawings published in: Selenographia size Lunae Descripto, 1647; Cometographia, 1679; Machinae Coelistis, 1679.
Drawing examples: 1, 2, 3.

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